Washi Earring Studs

These earrings are super cute and super easy to make! With only four materials and three simple steps, this craft is suitable for all ages. Small glass cabochons and beautiful washi paper come together to make gorgeous earrings for all occasions!

This is the perfect craft to make at a party, Girl Scout event, or any gathering of girls! The instructions are clear and easy and the end result is an amazing pair of earrings that no one will believe is homemade!

Materials Needed:


1. Apply a small amount of E6000 to the back of each cabochon. Decide what pattern you would like the earring to take on, and press each firmly onto the paper. Allow to dry.

2. Cut around each cabochon with either scissors or a craft knife.

3. Apply a small amount of E6000 to earring stud and place in the center of the back of the cabochon. Allow to dry.
*Note: Too much adhesive can create a transparent look in the paper. If you accidentally use too much, you can scrape the paper off and start again.