Stationary Set

Handmade stationery sets are simple to make and fun to use! Brighten up your cork board with beautiful glass gem thumb tacks. Make your paper stand out from the rest with a glass gem paper clip. Create a set for a special teacher, aide, secretary, or office assistant! Any decorative paper can be used for a fun and personal touch!

Glass gems of various sizes can be used to create matching office supplies in this stationery set. Supplies can be personalized with a monogram or special pattern. E6000 adhesive allows for fast creation and drying time with end result being flawless!

Materials Needed:


1. Using E6000, adhere glass gems to one sheet of patterned paper. One gem will be needed for each tack paper clip, or binder clip.

2. Allow to dry, paper side up.

3. While adhesive is drying, assemble notepad as follows:

  • Cut small stacks of printer paper to be 5 inches by 8 inches.
  • Staple small groups of paper together along one 5 inch edge.
  • Using a glue stick or adhesive runner, adhere the stapled stacks of paper together.
  • Notepad thickness is up to you!
  • Using second sheet of patterned paper, cut a rectangle measuring 5 inches by 4 inches.
  • Align patterned rectangle to the top stapled edge of notepad.
  • Fold in half over the notepad and adhere on both sides using glue stick or adhesive runner.Allow to dry.

4. Cut out each patterned glass gem and adhere to the top of each thumbtack using a small amount of E6000.

5. For paper clips, be sure to apply glass gem to the longest end so that papers can be clipped! Apply a drop of E6000 to the back of a gem and place paper clip end into adhesive. Prop paperclip end up to make level with gem while drying.

6. Adhere glass gems to binder clips using a small amount of E6000.

7. Allow all gems to dry.