Sports Themed Artwork

Brilliant glass gems offer a unique look to traditional sports paintings. Turn an ordinary painting into something fabulous with E6000, glass gems, and your creativity! Paintings can be created on any size canvas and can be displayed in a grouping or on their own.

Any sports ball can be created by drawing or tracing the image onto canvas, painting, and embellishing! Our glass gems set this basketball artwork apart from the standard paintings found in stores. You’ll definitely score points with this hanging in your child’s room or sports room! Mixed media artwork a popular fun craft for both adults and children alike.

Materials Needed:


1. Draw or trace the subject to be painted. To create the basketball, draw the following:

  • Using a large plate or platter as a template, trace a circle.
  • Draw the lines of the basketball using a ruler or freehand.

2. Paint the background and the ball using colors of choice.

3. Allow paint to dry thoroughly.

4. Apply a small dab of E6000 to the back of the black gems and press them onto the lines of the basketball. Continue until the lines of the basketball are covered.

5. Using E6000, outline the basketball with orange gems and then begin filling in the center of the ball until all spaces are covered.

6. Lay canvas flat and allow gems to dry before moving or tilting canvas.