Rosette Necklace

This fun yet elegant rosette necklace is a fabulous accessory for any outfit! This tutorial will show you step by step just how easy it is to make a fabric rosette. It’s so simple you’ll want to make one in every color!

Our peace bails make this necklace comfortable and durable and add a polished finishing touch. Rosettes can be made from any fabric and are interchangeable. Wear one with a ball chain during the day and slip it on a silk cord or leatherette cord for something a little more dressed up! Your friends will be begging you to make them one!

Materials Needed:


1. To create the rosette part of the necklace, cut the fabric into a strip, about 2 inches wide and 8 inches long. Size can vary depending on how large you would like your rosette to be.

2. Fold the strip in half, long ways, so that the pattern is on the outside and on both sides.

3. Tie a tight knot in one end of the strip, leaving about an inch of a tail.

4. While holding the knot in one hand, tightly wrap the fabric around the knot, twisting the fabric every now and then.

5. Secure the fabric with a dab of hot glue every few twists.

6. To finish the rosette, tuck the end underneath and hot glue it to the bottom of the rosette.

7. Tuck the end of the knot underneath the rosette and secure with hot glue.

8. For extra stability, place a layer of hot glue on the bottom of the rosette and press into a sheet of felt.

9. Cut the felt around the rosette.

10. Fill the indented portion on the jewelry bail with hot glue and press onto the back of the rosette.

11. Add desired chain or cord to finish off your rosette necklace craft.