Puff Star Art

This easy origami art project is one you can create with your kids that they will love to have displayed in their room! Using Chiyogami origami paper, kids can create cute origami puff stars that can be used as embellishments on their artwork!

This art project can be tailored to meet your home d├ęcor needs. Our various colors and patterns of Chiyogami origami paper are perfect for creating puff stars! Any quote or saying can be created on your canvas and the little stars are darling accents that kids can be proud to create and display!

Materials Needed:


1. Apply a coat of spray paint to a blank canvas. This is the color that your letters will be.

2. Create puff stars using the following steps:

3. With a strip of paper, about 3/4 inches wide, tie a loose knot, leaving a small tail on one end and a long tail on the other.

4. Pull the knot tight and flatten, creating a pentagon shape.

5. Tuck the small end of the knot into the pentagon shape. Hot glue in place if needed.

6. Wrap the long end of the knot, pattern side up, around the pentagon, following the edges. Tuck end into the pentagon shape or hot glue into place if needed.

7. Holding the pentagon, gently press the sides in to make points of a star.

8. Shape each point until desired star shape is reached.

9. To create moon, trace the outside of a circle onto the back of origami paper (I used a mug). Place the mug halfway inside the circle and trace again.

10. Cut out moon.

11. Place the moon and stars on the canvas in desired location.

12. To create quote, place stickers of various fonts and sizes onto the canvas (do not stick stickers, just place them as you’ll have to remove them after painting). Color of letters will not matter.

13. Remove stars and moon and apply spray paint. Apply in small, light sprays so that letters do not come off.

14. Allow paint to dry.

15. Remove sticker letters, revealing quote.

16. Arrange moon, stars, and fibers.

17. Apply a dot of hot glue to the canvas behind where the star will be placed. Place end of fiber into the glue and press star gently on top.

18. Repeat for all stars.

19. Attach the other end of fibers to the back of the canvas with hot glue.

20. Adhere moon with hot glue and allow to dry.