Mosaic Stepping Stone

Stepping Stones have always been a fun and easy craft project for kids to create. Using mosaic tiles adds bright contrast to the concrete stone and allows children to create and experiment with patterns.

Create a long lasting memory with your child and create an imprint of his hand or foot, create mosaic tile artwork to enhance your garden, or create a monogram for your home or landscaping. Embrace the mess and make a memory!

Materials Needed:


1. If a pattern is desired, create pattern or design with tiles before you mix cement.

2. Mix concrete according to package directions. Most mixes allow you a period of an hour to work with it before hardening.

3. Pour mix into mold.

4. Place tiles into cement mixture, pressing into the mix about halfway.

5. If any mistakes are made, mixture can be smoothed out and restarted.

6. Allow to dry 24 hours before removing from the mold.