Monogram Frame

Trendy yet unique, this altered monogram frame is the perfect addition to your collage photo wall, yet stands beautifully on its own as well! Monogram letter can be painted or decoupaged and accented with gorgeous washi paper and glass gems. These framed art pieces make fantastic gifts and are perfect for a newlywed couple or as a house warming gift! They also add a sentimental touch to any child’s room; use his or her initial and select words to describe him or her as accent pieces!

Unleash your creativity by selecting washi paper that fits your style. The background paper can be patterned as well for an ultra hip look! Large glass gems highlight words and phrases that hold meaning to you and your family. Glass gems of various sizes can also be used to add a different dimension.

Materials Needed:


1. Remove glass and backing of frame.

2. Using white paint and one foam brush, paint the front, sides, and inside of frame. 2 coats may be needed. Allow to dry.

3. With same white paint, paint the monogram. 2 coats may be needed. Allow to dry.

4. While paint is drying, choose one piece of coordinating paper and cut to fit the 8X10 frame (picture shown uses navy blue).

5. Choose 3 rub-ons to use as an embellishment. Using remaining coordinating paper, transfer the rub-ons onto paper of choice. (Picture shown uses white and navy blue.)

6. Spread a small amount of E6000 onto the back of each large glass gem and place on top of each rub-on. Press from the middle to the outside to avoid bubbles.

7. Allow gems to dry.

8. Place washi paper pattern down and trace the inside and outside of the frame. Lift the frame and use one of the edges to join the corners of the frame, giving you 4 separate strips to cut out.

9. Cut out the 4 strips of washi paper and align on top of frame, making sure that the edges all connect on the corners. **Some paper may hang over the edge. That is ok! It can be trimmed after it is adhered to the frame.

10. Using the other foam brush, spread a thin layer of Mod Podge on one section of the frame. Place the matching washi paper strip on top, working from the middle to the edges to avoid bubbles. Smooth over the paper with finger and repeat for the other 3 sides.

11. Spread a thin layer of Mod Podge over all 4 paper strips on the frame. Allow to dry.

12. Trim any edges if needed.

13. Adhere the monogram to the 8X10 sheet of paper using E6000 adhesive.

14. Cut out glass gems and arrange on bottom corner of the frame. Using E6000, adhere each to the frame, one at a time, and allow to dry.

15. Place paper with monogram back into frame without the glass and attach the back. Display and enjoy!