Menu Board

Stop wondering ‘What’s for dinner?’ with this exquisite menu planner that is both functional and fun! Fabric and glass gems come together in this no sew project that serves to make your life easier! No sewing makes this an easy project for anyone to create!

Our extra large and large glass gems are the perfect accessory for this meal planner. They add beauty and function when paired with our super strong magnets! This meal planner is a space and time saver and will keep you organized while adding a pop of color to your kitchen. Who knew meal planning could be so much fun?

Materials Needed:


1. Measure the background fabric to be 18 X 26 inches and cut.

2. Measure 1 inch in and pin along the 1 inch mark for the hemline.

3. Place Stitch Witchery at the pin marks and fold the edge down to create a hem.

4. Pin the hem and measure to ensure an even edge.

5. Iron the edges to create a secure hem.

6. The hem should be flat and secure. Repeat with all 4 edges.

7. Cut interfacing to fit the large fabric sheet just below the hemline. If interfacing is larger than the fabric, it will melt onto the iron.

8. Pin the interfacing to the back of the fabric, shiny side down.

9. Iron the interfacing to create a bond to the fabric.

10. Measure the second patterned fabric to be 6 X 15 inches.

11. Pin an inch wide hemline as you did with the large fabric.

12. Iron the hemline using the Stitch Witchery, just as before with the large fabric piece.
**If you would like the fabric title piece to be matted, follow the next 3 steps**

  • Cut 2 pieces of ribbon measuring 4 inches and 2 pieces measuring 13 inches.
  • Cut Stitch Witchery in half.
  • Adhere ribbon to small fabric piece using Stitch Witchery.
  • Iron.

13. To adhere the title piece to the large fabric board, measure 1-1/2 inches in on both sides of the large piece and 1-1/2 inches down. Pin Stitch Witchery to the back edge of the title piece and iron to the large background piece.

14. Using chipboard or other letters, adhere your ‘Menu’ title to the title strip. Tacky glue or hot glue will work as an adhesive.

15. For the magnets:

  • Select a letter for each day of the week. Stickers, paper die cuts, etc… can be used.
  • Place each letter on coordinating fabric, making sure there is room between each for the large glass gems on top.
  • Place a small amount of E6000 on each large gem and press over top of each letter. Press from the center out to remove any air bubbles.
  • Turn the gems over to dry.
  • Create smaller accent magnets by placing E6000 on smaller gems and pressing onto coordinating fabric.
  • When gems are dry (about 2 hours), cut around each to remove excess fabric. Hot glue a magnet on each.

16. For recipe strips, use a cutting machine to create 1 X 6 inch strips. (You can also measure and cut with scissors.)

17. Assemble the menu board by placing the week day magnets on the left side, accent magnets on the corners, and the recipe basket on the right side.