Lighted Glass Gems

Brighten up any party with glowing glass gems! Our beautiful glass gems come in a variety of colors and can match almost any party theme or décor. Simply add an LED light to any glassware and pour gems on top; it’s that easy!

Glowing glass gems make stunning mood lighting as well. Place in a bathroom as a night light, in a foyer, or on the patio for a colorful touch to your evening! In under a minute you can create colorful lighting for any event!

Materials Needed:


1. Decorate glassware if you choose. Some suggestions include:

  • Wrap stem in burlap
  • Tie a bow on stem
  • Adhere rhinestones to glassware

2. Place LED candle in bottom of glass.

3. Fill glass with glass gems, covering top of candle.

4. Turn off the lights and turn up the fun!