Keepsake Pendant

Preserve the memory of your child’s youth with this beautiful thumbprint keepsake necklace. This Mother’s necklace is fun to make with your children and is unique as no thumbprint is the same!

Using jeweler’s clay, a pendant tray, ink, and a thumbprint, you can create this gorgeous disk necklace in minutes and cherish it forever. Add each child’s birthstone for color and personalization!

Materials Needed:


1. Using your hands, warm up the clay to make it soft and moldable.

2. Using the finishing spray can (or a rolling pin) roll out the clay to the same thickness as the pendant tray.

3. Press the pendant tray into the clay, like a cookie cutter, to create the shape desired.

4. Ink your child’s thumb and press into the clay. You want to make a small impression, but be careful not to smush the clay, flattening it or changing it’s shape.

5. Bake the clay according to package directions. (Usually at 275 degrees for 30 minutes)

6. When cool, spray the clay with a finishing spray to protect the inked print(s).

7. Add a gemstone to represent the child’s birthday.

8. Apply the hair pin to the backs of the cabochons. Set aside and let dry.
**The baked clay may need trimmed down a little bit after baking. Be sure to fit it before using the adhesive. If it needs trimmed, a small kitchen knife or craft knife works perfectly to shave off small amounts of clay.

9. Add a small amount of E6000 to the pendant tray, being careful not to use too much to avoid oozing.

Keepsake Pendant - Glue Pendant with E6000

10. Add the stamped clay to the pendant. Press into place and allow to dry.

11. Add a chain and you’re done with your keepsake pendant.