Japanese Watermark Tissue Wreath

This easy to make wreath will add a special accent to a wedding, baby shower, or holiday. Our Japanese Watermark Tissue Paper in an array of colors and patterns will add a new dimension and enliven any size or shape grapevine wreath.

Choose the paper color scheme, add some ribbon, and embellishments and you will have a wreath that is uniquely original. Use smaller wreaths for table centerpieces, add a candle, and voila! Your coordinated wreaths will make your holiday décor, wedding, or other special event the “talk of the town”!

Materials Needed:


1. If a monogram is desired, paint it the color of your choice and allow to dry.

2. Select a sheet of the Japanese Watermark Tissue paper and scrunch it in the middle.

3. Push the center of the watermark tissue paper into a gap in the wreath using the eraser of a pencil.

4. Pieces of the Japanese Watermark Tissue paper can be cut in half for varied levels of ‘poofiness’.

5. Continue pressing tissue paper into gaps in the wreath until desired fullness is reached.

6. Using organza ribbon, hang monogram from the center of the wreath.

7. Note: Other embellishments may be used to create any themed wreath desired.