Japanese Watermark Tissue Garland

Find beauty in the simplicity of a Japanese tissue paper garland. Our Japanese Watermark Tissue Paper offers strength and beauty and provides a touch of elegance to this lighted garland. With so many colors to choose from, a garland can be created for any event or holiday! Use rich reds and oranges for the Fall, whites and creams for Christmas or a wedding, majestic blues for Chanukah, greens and yellows for Spring, and so much more! They are perfect for birthday parties as well! Consider combining colors for an illuminated rainbow of fun!

LED lights make this garland a safe choice in decorating. Simply twist the tissue paper around the light strand and glue in place. It couldn’t be any easier! Imagine this beauty on your Christmas tree, banister, mantel, wreath, or around a window. It’s easy, gorgeous, and has a plethora of uses!

Materials Needed:


1. Fold each sheet of tissue paper horizontally (short end to short end) and cut in half.

2. Spread out the strand of LED lights and start working from the end without the plug.

3. Pinch the middle of one cut sheet of tissue paper and add a dab of hot glue to the center.

4. Place the glued piece of paper onto the light strand between two bulbs and press.

5. Fold the ends around the wire once and glue the two pieces together at the center.

6. Repeat the last three steps between every bulb until strand is complete.

7. Plug in and enjoy!