House Number Flower Pot

Your guests will never miss your house with this charming house number flower pot on your front porch! Take a terracotta pot from ordinary to extraordinary with a splash of color and our high quality mini glass tiles. A hot glue gun is the only tool needed to create this fast and fun project that not only displays your flowers but it is a unique way to display your house number!

This project can be customized by arranging tiles in various patterns along the rim of the pot or by pairing with other pots of various sizes and colors for extra fun! Use smaller pots and tile one number on each. The possibilities are endless!

Materials Needed:


1. Clean terracotta pot and allow to dry thoroughly.

2. Spray a coat of primer on the pot.

3. In light coats, spray paint the pot, allowing 20 minutes between coats.

4. Allow pot to dry for 24 hours to ensure it is not tacky.

5. On a flat surface, arrange tiles into numbers of choice.

6. Adhere tiles to the pot using E6000 or hot glue.

7. This mosaic tile number flowerpot craft is finished – fill pot with flowers and display.