Holiday Kraftyblok

Create your own dazzling holiday d├ęcor with this KraftyBlok and glass gems project! Mini glass gems are arranged inside the glass KraftyBlok with LED lights for a fast, fun, and festive project that anyone can master!

Create a holiday KraftyBlok for every season using different colored glass gems! Mini or standard glass gems can be used. Layer different colors or mix them up for holiday fun! Any sticker letters or vinyl designs can be added to the block for an extra special touch!

Materials Needed:


1. Turn glass KraftyBlok upside down and remove plastic cap.

2. Place the end of the LED light strand into the KraftyBlok and press down to the bottom.

3. Begin to fill block with colored gems of choice. Keep in mind that you are filling the top of the KraftyBlok!

4. Press the lights into the gems and continue filling with glass gems, stopping now and then to arrange lights into the vase gems.

5. Fill KraftyBlok with glass gems to the very top. Any empty space will result in the gems shifting inside the KraftyBlok.

6. Place the LED light cord to the side of the opening and push cap tightly in place.

7. Place KraftyBlok in its back and arrange stickers on the front in desired location.

8. Stand KraftyBlok on its bottom and turn on the lights!