Glass Gem Wreath

This is an easy and fun craft project. These glass wreaths can be re-purposed for many occasions by adding different bows, ribbons, and decorations. You can also use this glass gem wreath as a table centerpiece, just place on a table and add a vase or other decorations to the center.

Although this one is made with green gems you can choose any combination of colors. Reds with whites, or reds with clear and pink gems are a good combination. You can mix in a few iridized gems to give it a bit of a sparkle if you like. You can also try different sized wreaths for different effects. Let your imagination run wild.

Materials Needed:


1. Gather and organize all your materials. You don’t want to be half way into your project and realize you’re missing a key item.

2. Though the wreath may already be white, paint a fresh coat of white to cover any blemishes or seams.

3. Allow the paint to dry.

4. Apply a small amount of E6000 to each gem and press firmly into place.

5. Continue applying gems, working your way around the top edge of the wreath first. Continue to press already adhered gems to make sure they do not slide. There is no right or wrong pattern!

6. When the top has dried, continue adhering the gems to the outside and inside of the wreath, going back and pressing on those already adhered to make sure they are firmly in place.
**The back of the wreath does not need to be covered. It will lay better against the door or wall with a flat back.

7. Loop ribbon around the wreath when all gems are dry. Tie in a bow and hang.

8. Various bows can be added to the wreath for each season!

An Easter bow and decorations is one idea for seasonal decorations.

Or use it as a centerpiece, you have many deocorating options with this craft.