Glass Gem Tree

Create beautiful holiday décor in the colors of your choice with these beautiful glass gem stack trees! Stack trees come in different sizes and can be displayed together to create a gorgeous holiday scene. Trees are magnificent on their own as well!

These stack trees are simple to assemble and can be tailored to your holiday décor by painting them any color you choose! Clear glass gems and mini glass gems are adhered with E6000 which forms a strong bond without sacrificing beauty. Imagine these as your centerpiece this holiday season!

Materials Needed:


1. Assemble stack tree according to directions. (Most require the rings to be pressed together with a slight twist.)

2. Paint each ring of the tree in desired color. Allow to dry.

3. Using either E6000 or hot glue gun, adhere the glass gems to the tree. Easiest method is to lay the tree on its side and work your way from the bottom to the top.

4. Place a small amount of adhesive to the back of your gem and place on bottom rung. Press into place. **Be sure that the edge of the gem is flush with the edge of the tree. If it hangs below the ring, it will not stand flat.**

5. If using E6000, work on one side from bottom to top and allow to dry before turning the tree and continuing on the other side. The gems will slide if not completely dry!

6. When dry, turn the tree and continue adhering the gems from bottom to top.

7. Repeat this process until the tree is covered in gems.