Glass Gem Ornaments

Glittery glass gem ornaments add the perfect touch of sparkle to your Christmas tree! Ornaments can be created using any type of glitter and can be personalized for the perfect gift. Use these as a gift tag for extra special gift giving! Using rub-ons, die cuts, photos, and other images allows limitless creative possibilities!

These timeless glass gem ornaments are easy to assemble and require few materials. Crafting with glitter isn’t just for kids! Use Diamond Glaze and glitter to add extra sparkle to your holiday season.

Materials Needed:


1. Choose a decorative rub on or die cut if desired.

2. If using a rub on, apply image to the rounded front of the glass gem.

3. If applying a die cut or picture, apply a very thin layer of Diamond Glaze to the back of the gem.

4. Gently press the image onto the gem, making sure it is adhered with no bubbles or spaces between the image and the gem.

5. Place gem on a small scrap piece of paper or newspaper, adhesive side up.

6. Pour glitter over top of gem and set aside to dry. **If no image is used on gem, skip step 3 and 4 and just apply a thin layer of Diamond Glaze on gem followed by glitter.

7. After about an hour of drying time, shake excess glitter from gem onto the paper.

8. Pour glitter from paper back into the bottle.

9. Using E6000 adhesive, attach jewelry bail to the back of the gem, creating a hook for the ribbon.

10. When adhesive is dry, string desired length of ribbon through the bail and tie.

11. Hang to display!