Glass Block Memo Holder

Teachers, secretaries, parents, and grandparents will swoon over this gorgeous glass block memo holder. The beautiful design and detail of the glass block provides the perfect base for altering with paper and embellishments. Using different designer paper and accessories, you can create a memo holder to suit anyone’s needs! Glass blocks come neatly packaged in a beautiful box lined in satin and make perfect gifts!

This glass block memo holder is perfect for holding notes, recipes, photos, to-do lists, grocery lists, and more! Set this by the phone and you’ll have the perfect place to record phone messages! The small size is perfect for on a desk or counter top, and with so many uses, you’ll be creating these lovely blocks for every room in the house!

Materials Needed:


1. Apply a small amount of E6000 to the back of glass gems and press onto decorative paper.

2. Allow to dry, paper side up.

3. Trace back of glass block on patterned paper and cut out shape.

4. Apply rub on or saying to the cut out.

5. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge onto back of glass block.

6. Place decorative paper on back and apply another thin layer onto paper. Press from the center out, being sure to smooth out any bubbles.

7. Allow to dry.

8. While Mod Podge is drying, cut out class gems.

9. When Mod Podge is dry, adhere glass gems along the side of the block using a small amount of E6000. Hold for a minute or so until they don’t slide.

10. Adhere bulldog clip to the top front of the glass block with E6000 and hold for a minute until adhered.

11. Allow to dry before placing any object in clip.