Flower Pot Mosaic Bird Bath

Birds aren’t the only ones who will want to take a splash in this brilliant birdbath! Bright and brilliant mosaic tiles are used to create a gorgeous birdbath that is both fun and functional. Terracotta flower pots aren’t just for flowers! Turn them upside down and add a bit of funky fun to your outdoor space!

This birdbath is a great project for tillers of any skill level. Kids will get a kick out of creating something that can be proudly displayed outside their home, and adults will love the potential to customize their birdbath to their outdoor theme and décor. Our high quality tiles make this a project that will be enjoyed for seasons to come!

Materials Needed:


1. Clean the terracotta pots and tray and allow ample drying time.

2. Prime the tray and pots with a light coat of spray primer.

3. Select paint color for tray and pots. Spray each in light layers to avoid drips. Allow 20 minutess between coats.

4. Allow tray to dry for 24 hours to ensure paint is set.

5. Using tiles and colored glass gems, create a pattern for your birdbath. If a pattern is not desired, you can skip this step.

6. Using grouting tool, apply a thin layer of the adhesive/grout to the bottom of the tray.

7. Press tiles into the adhesive. If creating a pattern, create the design first and work from the outside to the center.

8. Fill in the empty spaces with mosaic tiles. A hammer can be used to break tiles into smaller pieces. Place tiles in a towel and cover with a towel before striking to avoid pieces from scattering.

9. Allow tiles to dry for 24 hours.

10. Using grouting tool, spread grout over tiles, filling in any spaces so that they are level with the top of the tiles.

11. Using a damp paper towel, remove any grout that may be on the edges of the tray. Allow to dry for about 20 minutes.

12. Using damp cotton swabs, remove grout from the top and sides of glass gems.

13. Using a damp rag (not soaking wet), gently wipe over tiles to remove grout. Be careful not to dig into the spaces, removing the grout. Rinse rags and repeat until tiles are clean.

14. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

15. Spray tray with 2-3 coats of sealer to make water proof. Allow 20 minutes between each coat.

16. Fill the tray with water and dump several times before filling in order to remove chemical residue from sealer.

17. Stack the small pot on top of the larger pot.

18. Place tray on top.