Egg Carton Wall Art

Want someone special and unique for grandparents, fathers, or to add a whimsy to a child’s bedroom? Children can use pictures of themselves as part of the project to add an extra-special touch.

No one is going to believe you or your children created such a fun three-dimensional project using a few basic products, milk cartons, and glass gems! Scout leaders, teachers, and parents, this Keepsake Bouquet should be on your list of fun projects to do.

Materials Needed:


1. Paint canvas color of choice and allow to dry.

2. Place a small amount of E6000 on the back of glass cabochons and press onto photo area to be highlighted. Allow to dry.

3. When cabochons are dry, cut around each.

4. Cut apart each individual egg cup from the egg carton.

5. Cut a ‘U’ shape on the sides of the carton to form petals from the points of the corners.

6. Paint each cup on the inside and outside and allow to dry.

7. Arrange egg cups into a bouquet shape on the canvas and hot glue into place.

8. Place the stems in desired location, coming from the flowers and gathered in the center. Glue into place.

9. Place glass gems and photo cabochons in the center of each ‘flower’ and hot glue into place.

10. Tie a ribbon around the stems and glue into place.

11. Trim the bottoms of the stems and you’re finished.