DIY Wine Bottle Cork Necklace

Our glass gems, wine bottle corks, and our necklace chains and bails, make fabulous necklaces. You won’t believe the compliments you get when you wear your one-of-a kind necklace.

The contrasting textures of the cork, glass gems, and other embellishments make these necklaces a conversation starter. What a fun gift to give someone who loves wine or just likes to wear something artsy and unique!

Materials Needed:


1. Using a knife and cutting board, slice the wine cork into disks.

2. Arrange cork disks on felt in any shape or grouping.

3. Adhere disks to felt with tacky glue. Be sure to glue cork edges together.

4. When dry, cut the arrangement out of the felt.

5. Using a hot glue gun, adhere glass gems or other embellishments to the corks.

6. Determine placement of the jewelry bail and adhere with hot glue.

7. Add chain of choice and you’re done making your cork and glass gem necklace.