Decorative Bird House

Add charm and whimsy to your wedding, shower, party, or home with this adorable birdhouse! This unfinished wooden birdhouse gains instant character when decorated with glass gems, flowers, and of course a little bird!

This sweet little birdhouse sits atop an unfinished wooden candlestick and features beautiful fabric and paper flowers with glass gem accents. Birdhouses can be displayed together at different heights and with a multitude of embellishments. The creative possibilities are limitless!

Materials Needed:


1. Place a medium to heavy amount of hot glue to the top of the candlestick or pedestal.

2. Center the bird house on the top of the glue and press firmly into place.

3. Arrange embellishments on birdhouse without adhering them in order to find desired look.

4. In a well ventilated area, spray paint the bird house and candlestick. Several coats may be needed.

5. Allow paint to dry thoroughly.

6. Adhere embellishments to desired locations using the hot glue gun.

7. Allow to dry and you’re finished with your decorative bird house.