Christmas Reindeer

These adorable reindeer will send you into cuteness overload! Made from Chiyogami origami paper, toilet paper tubes, and pipe cleaners, they are simple and delightful! Children and adults will have fun creating their own little family of reindeer!

Beautiful Chiyogami origami paper adds class and elegance to this fun and adorable project. The rich hues of our origami paper make these reindeer stand out and add a splash of color to your home! They can be tailored to go with any holiday color scheme!

Materials Needed:


1. Using an adhesive runner, apply adhesive to the edge of one sheet of Chiyogami origami paper and adhere to toilet paper roll.

2. Cut excess paper off top of roll so that the height of the paper is equal to the height of the roll.

3. Wrap the paper around the roll and adhere using the adhesive runner.

4. Using a triangular template, cut out the face of the reindeer on brown scrap paper.

5. Using a large oval template, cut out two ears on brown scrap paper.

6. Using a small oval template, cut out the inside for both ears on Chiyogami origami paper.

7. Adhere the inside ear cut outs to the inside of the large ear cut outs using an adhesive runner.

8. Fold ears in half and score the folded edge with a bone folder to give a crisp fold.

9. Add a line of hot glue to the top of the reindeer’s face and attach to the top of the toilet paper roll.

10. Add two googly eyes to the Christmas reindeer’s face with the hot glue gun and then attach the reindeer’s nose with the hot glue gun.

11. Line up the ears on the front, sides of the face and attach them with the hot glue gun.

12. Cut two piece of straw, about 2 inches in length each.

13. Cut a pipe cleaner in half. Cut one half of the pipe cleaner in half again.

14. Wrap one short piece of pipe cleaner around the larger pipe cleaner and twist once. Repeat with the second pipe cleaner. Use your fingers to form the antlers into a ‘U’ shape.

15. Repeat the last two steps to create a second antler.

16. Place each antler into the straw pieces to finish the antlers.

17. Run a bead of hot glue on the inside of the toilet paper roll on the same side as the reindeer’s face. Place one of the antlers into the glue and hold for 30 seconds until dry.

18. Repeat the last step for the second antler.