Chiyogami Origami Earrings

Create a stunning pair of earrings with a few simple folds. Our lavish Chiyogami origami paper provides rich color and design, making these earrings perfect for any dressy occasion. Subtle hues and patterns make these versatile enough to wear casual as well. They are a must have in your jewelry collection!

If you can fold a triangle, you can create these earrings! Attach two folder paper triangles to your earring post and add a little bead for a touch of elegance. These earrings are unique and spectacular!

Materials Needed:


1. Cut two strips of the origami chiyogami paper, about 1 inch width each.

2. Set one chiyogami paper strip aside.

3. Hold the other chiyogami strip with the blank side facing you.

4. Fold the top left corner down so that the top edge meets the side edge and is flush.

5. Fold the triangle down so that the right edge of the triangle is flush with the right side.

6. Fold the triangle to the left so that the center point becomes the bottom of the triangle on the left side of the strip.

7. Continue folding the triangle down the strip of paper, making sure the edges are flush with each other.

8. Tuck the remaining flap of the chiyogami origami paper into the triangle. Glue if desired.

9. Repeat the previous 6 steps with the second strip of paper.

10. Using the keyhole earring post, poke a hole down the left edge of both origami triangles. The longest flat edge should be facing right.

11. Tuck the bottom triangle into the top triangle. Secure with hot glue if desired.

12. Using jewelers’ pliers, pry open the keyhole on the earring post and hook earring post into keyhole.

13. Secure the hole closed with jewelers’ pliers.

14. One earring is complete! Repeat all steps above to create your second chiyogami origmai earring.