Chiyogami Origami Bow

Easy to follow step by step directions will make you feel like an origami master! This gorgeous chiyogami bow is fast and fun to create and is a great embellishment for craft projects! This chiyogami bow also adds a special handmade touch to wedding and party décor. Imagine a beautiful bouquet of origami flowers with this adorable bow! Add it to a present for a personal touch. Add to invitations or party favors! The possibilities are endless!

Our exquisite origami paper is high quality making this bow easy to create and replicate. So fast and simple to make, you’ll be searching for ways to use all the bows you create!

Materials Needed:


1. Start with a square piece of chiyogami paper.

2. Fold paper in halves with the unfinished side on the outside.

3. Fold paper along its diagonals with the finished side on the outside.

4. Fold the right and left sides of the sheet inwards and bring the corners out to make a diamond shape. The finished side of the chiyogami paper should be on the inside

5. Flatten paper into this diamond shape.

6. Fold the tip downwards, creasing in both directions (front and back). This will create the creases for the center of your bow.

7. Open up the paper sheet and push the center downwards using the creases you just created. You can pinch the corners to help define the inverted fold.

8. Flatten the paper onto its side, re-press the creases if needed.

9. Fold the two sides down alignin the top with the center line, and ensure the fold is a consistant width all the way down. Turn over and fold the other side the same way.

10. Open up and press flat. You’ll now see the bow coming to shape. The center and two sides of the bow are now quite visible.

11. Turn over and then fold the tabs upwards. Cut all four tabs with a pair of scissors.

12. Press the tabs downward to the sides, then fold the top section down over the lower section.

13. Fold both sides down to the center to make the bow section.

14. Cut the lower sections up the center all the way to where they end under the bow center.

15. Fold the center of the bow ribbon over to the crease then fold the other side of the crease over onto the first fold. Do this for both ribbon pieces.

16. Turn your origami bow back over so you see the front. Tuck the extra paper on the back side of each ribbon into its center, making sure it is all the way inside and the fold will align with the bottom of the ribbon. Press and crease.

17. Turn your bow over and insert the end of each bows into the center, add a bit of curvature to give the bow dimension. Alternatively you can flatten the bow to make it more two dimensional. Or you can fold the ends of the bow towards the front of the bow and tuck into the center, this gives you a different look.

18. Your chiyogami orgiami bow is complete! Once you fold one or two of these you’ll be able to knock them out quickly as this origami craft isn’t as complex as it initially appears.