Chiyogami Butterfly Art

Kids will have a blast creating this exquisite 3D butterfly artwork! Our Chiyogami origami paper sparkles and shines with flecks of metallic and rich color. Any pattern or design can be created simply by using a butterfly punch and your imagination!

This crafting project can be created using any color combination and any punch you choose. The shadowbox provides protection for the artwork without flattening the wings, making this 3D artwork unique and extra special.

Materials Needed:


1. Remove the back of the shadow box.

2. Apply a layer of glue with a glue stick to the inside of the shadow box back.

3. Place on top of the backside of cardstock and press to adhere.

4. Cut around the back of the shadow box and set aside.

5. Using a butterfly punch, punch out butterflies from the chiyogami origami paper. Various colors and designs can be punched, depending on desired pattern or style.

6. Arrange chiyogami butterflies on cardstock covered backing according to desired look (if your shadow box has a frame, place on top of backing to ensure butterflies are not placed too close to the edge).

7. One at a time, remove the origami chiyogami butterflies and fold wings in toward the body.

8. To ensure a crisp fold that won’t fall flat, run the bone folder along the edge of each fold.

9. Place a small amount of glue on the back of the chiyogami butterfly.

10. Place the butterfly back onto the cardstock backing.

11. Repeat with each chiyogami origami butterfly until all are adhered.

12. Assemble the shadow box and you’re done! Hang your Chiyogami Butterfly Artwork in a location both you and the kids can enjoy it.