Mosaic Tile Ornament

Create one of a kind ornaments using lightweight paper mache ornaments and our mini mosaic tiles! Various patterns and designs can be combined with other embellishments to create fabulous ornaments kids and adults will be proud to have made! They make great gifts or gift tags and can be made each year with a new design as a yearly tradition!

Origami Bunny

You will have fun making bunches of these easy-to-make origami bunnies. Add them to your springtime or Easter decor for a special touch. Kids will also enjoy making bunny families!

Polish Eggs

You don’t need a million dollars worth of supplies to create a million dollar project! These eggs are brilliantly beautiful and can be tailored to your decorating needs. Use our ornate and intricately designed Chiyogami origami paper for a more refined and elegant look. Create eggs in our bold colors and patterns for a more fun feel! They take no skill or effort to create, yet you will be proud to display them in your home!