Canvas Gem Painting

Become the artist you’ve always wanted to be by following these easy instructions! Blending techniques are shown as well as creative ways to jazz up your painting with glass gems and rub-ons. No artistic ability is needed!

This magnificent painting can be created in any color scheme for any room in your home! The multi-colored glass gems add a fabulously unique dimension and feel to the painting while accenting various words within the painting. Make this painting your own and baffle your friends with your new-found artistic talent!

Materials Needed:


1. Paint your canvas your desired color. To get a blended effect, marry the two colors of choice by creating a ‘Z’ pattern with your brush. Continue to blend, back and forth, with a clean brush until desired effect is achieved.

2. Allow paint to dry.

3. Freehand your tree using paint color of choice. If you are not comfortable painting freehand, you can lightly sketch your tree and paint over the pencil lines.

4. On the ends of the branches, paint a swirl or curl. They will show through when the gems are adhered.

5. Allow paint to dry.

6. Lay the glass gems over the swirls and arrange to your liking.

7. If you desire words or images underneath the gems, adhere them now.

8. Using a light layer of E6000, adhere each gem in place, pressing lightly.

9. Allow to dry completely before hanging.