Bottle Cap Bead Necklace

Looking for a project that is easy on the budget, easy to create, and fun to make? Bottle Cap necklaces are trendy and you can make yours in minutes. This is a fun mother/daughter, grandmother/granddaughter project, and would be a great craft to do at a slumber party for teens!

Materials Needed:


1. Using precaution not to hammer on a delicate surface, tap the nail through the top of the bottle cap where the edges meet. Only a small hole is needed.

2. Using jeweler’s pliers, thread the jump ring through the hole in the bottle cap. Secure it closed.

3. Apply a small amount of E6000 to the back of the mini gem and adhere to the paper. Embellish paper with stickers, rub-ons, etc… first, if desired.

4. Allow to dry.

5. Cut the excess paper from around the glass gem.

6. Fill bottle cap halfway with assorted seed beads.

7. Place decorative gem in center of bottle cap on top of the beads.

8. Fill in the space around the gem with seed beads.

9. Fill the bottle cap in with Diamond Glaze in small drips. Diamond Glaze will work itself into the spaces between the beads. Fill until you see the glaze settle on the surface.

10. Allow to dry for 24 hours.

11. Add a ball chain through the jump ring for a casual, trendy look!