Bib Necklace

This necklace is trendy and fun and you can make it for a fraction of the price that they sell for in stores! In no time you can be a part of the latest jewelry craze; the bib necklace! Unlike many other bib necklaces, this necklace is lightweight and lays perfectly flat!

Made of glass cabochons, paper, felt, and beads, this necklace can be made to go with any outfit! A flexible ribbon tie allows you to adjust the length. This is a great project to make for friends and keep one for yourself!

Materials Needed:


1. Prepare your working area and make sure you have all the needed crafting supplies (listed above) before starting your project.

2. Squeeze a light amount of E6000 onto each cabochon and adhere to the decorative side of paper. Press from the middle to the edges to avoid any bubbles.

3. When dry, cut out each cabochon and arrange each in a sloped ‘U’ formation on the felt.

4. Cut 2 – 12 inch pieces of ribbon. Place one end of each ribbon underneath the 2 cabochons on each end. Using a hot glue gun, lift each cabochon individually and glue into place, making sure to glue the ribbon underneath.

5. Using either E6000 or a hot glue gun, glue one of the freshwater pearls in each space between cabochons, holes to the side so that they do not show. Allow to dry.

6. Cut around each cabochon and pearl bead, being careful not to cut too much of the felt around the beads. The felt keeps the necklace together. Enjoy!