Art Nouveau Pendant

Create a boutique worthy necklace with our glass cabochons and collage sheets! A classy and elegant pendant can be yours in minutes with our easy to follow, step by step instructions. Our cabochons pair perfectly with our pendant trays, allowing for a finished, polished look.

Various sizes and shapes of cabochons can be used to suit your taste! Our Art Nouveau Collage Sheets provide several options for color and design. These pendants make great, inexpensive gifts and not one pendant is the same!

Materials Needed:


1. Cut out collage sheet images. Trace around glass cabochons on washi paper and cut out.

2. Apply Diamond Glaze to the back of the pendant and cabochons.

3. Apply the decorative papers and collage image face down on the glass. Press down with even pressure. Set aside to dry.

4. Apply Diamond Glaze to the pendant tray.

5. Place cabochon into the pendant tray and let dry.

6. Add a silver chain to complete the piece of jewelry.

7. Apply a small amount of Diamond Glaze to the base of the hair pin.

8. Apply the hair pin to the backs of the cabochons. Set aside and let dry.