Alphabet Gems

Tired of alphabet sets only having one of each letter? Using glass gems, you can create your own alphabet set with multiple magnets of the same letter. Toddlers can move from knowing their ABC’s to spelling words!

This is a fun craft project that you and your child can create and use together! Your child can be in charge of using stickers while you apply the adhesive and gems. Simple crafting that builds memories and learning; add this to your summer bucket list! **Recommended for children age 3 and over, as small gems can be a choking hazard.**

Materials Needed:


1. Lay patterned paper on a flat surface and randomly place alphabet stickers, leaving space around each for a glass gem to be placed on top. (This is a great step for a child to be involved in!)

2. Place a small amount of E6000 on each gem and press over top a letter. Press firmly so that the adhesive smoothes out under the whole gem with no bubbles.

3. Allow gems to dry, paper side up.

4. When dry, cut around each letter.

5. Adhere magnet to the back of each letter using a small drop of E6000.

6. Allow to dry.
**Create more than one of each letter so that the child can spell words!