Acrylic Nugget

This dazzling artwork is created using a beautiful array of our acrylic nuggets. Any word or phrase can be featured. Acrylic nuggets are hot glued into place for an instant, fun piece of art!

Acrylic nuggets offer a unique look and texture and are easy to work with. Simply add hot glue to the canvas and add the nuggets for a fun and flashy piece of art that is perfect for any playroom or child’s room!

Materials Needed:


1. With the foam brush, paint the canvas in color of choice.

2. When paint has completely dried, arrange letters to spell desired word or phrase.

3. Lightly trace around each letter in pencil.

4. Hot glue nuggets to the canvas, starting around the letters and working your way out to the edges.

5. Acrylic nuggets can be placed randomly or in a pattern.