3D Origami Stars

This 3D star can be created in minutes and has many uses! Created with gorgeous Chiyogami origami paper, this star can be customized in any color or size. Using an ox bone folder ensures the most crisp fold, allowing the star to pop and not fall flat!

3D origami stars have many uses and are simple enough for crafters of all ages. Create a mobile, party decorations, home décor, artwork, centerpieces, holiday projects, and so much more! These make the perfect accent to any project and are a real time and money saver for party décor!

Materials Needed:


1. On the back of chiyogami origami paper, trace a star using your template or cookie cutter.

2. Use scissors to cut out the star shape.

3. Choose one arm of the star and fold it down the middle, touching edge to edge.

4. Create a crisp fold by running the bone folder over the crease, using a small amount of pressure.

5. Repeat with each arm of the star.

6. Fold the star in half to form the point in the center.

7. Unfold and ‘pop’ the star to give it shape.