Mosaic Tray

Beauty and function come together in this lovely mosaic tile serving tray. Easy enough for a tiling first-timer, this tray is fast, simple, and stunning. Glass tiles come in easy to use sheets that require no measuring or spacing; simply cut to fit! In five easy steps you will have created this gorgeous serving tray!

The tiled surface of this tray is durable and perfect for serving food. Simply wipe it clean. Picture frames and other home décor can also be beautifully displayed on this tray in any room. Use it to organize amenities in your bathroom or use it to display perfume bottles on your dresser. One little tray offers many possibilities!

Materials Needed:


1. Spray paint wooden tray in a well ventilated area.

2. When dry, clean tray with a dry towel, making sure no debris is present.

3. Cut tile to fit the tray, making sure the border along each edge is an even space.

4. Apply tile adhesive to tray as well as to the back of the tiles.

5. Press tiles into place on tray and allow to dry overnight.

6. Using grout float or spreader, spread grout evenly over tile surface, pressing grout into cracks. Grout should be even with the tile surface. For the larger area along the border, grout may be difficult to smooth.

7. Allow grout to dry for 20 minutes. Use a damp towel to remove excess grout from tiles. Paper towels can be used, or a rag can be used. **I recommend using a bucket of water so that grout isn’t rinsed down the sink!

8. If any gaps exist, a second layer of grout can be applied. Repeat the process.

9. After an hour of drying time, remove any extra grout that may be on tiles. Allow tray to dry overnight before using.