Mosaic Tile Coaster Set

Prevent watermarks on your furniture with these simple and easy to create mosaic tile coasters. These inexpensive coasters utilize backsplash tiles or floor tiles as a base, allowing for a perfectly square, durable coaster that can be personalized in any color combination or pattern!

This project is great for tilers of any skill level. They are so easy to create, you’ll want to make a set for every room and every person you know! They make a great personalized, handmade gift that any recipient will love! What patterns will you create?

Materials Needed:


1. Place tile on cork backing and trace.

2. Cut out cork and adhere to the back of the tile.

3. Apply a thin layer of grout to the top of the tile.

4. Press glass mosaic tiles into the adhesive in desired pattern. Press gently to make sure tiles are level and even.

5. Allow adhesive to dry for 24 hours.

6. Using grout spreading tool, apply a layer of grout over the top of the tiles, making sure grout is pressed into the cracks.

7. Allow the grout to dry for about 20 minutes.

8. Using a damp rag, gently wipe away the grout from the tiles. Be careful not to press too hard, washing away the grout from the grout lines.

9. Continue to wipe away grout until tiles are clean.

10. Allow to dry for 24 hours.