Gem Glassware

Plain old glassware is given a facelift with gorgeous glass gems and jewelry wire! Using E6000, various colored glass gems, and jewelry wire, you can turn any vase, dish, or glass into a functional piece of art!

There are limitless possibilities when restyling a plain piece of glass with glass gems! Turn an old vase from boring to spectacular! Make a gorgeous change dish, set of glasses, decorative dish, or candle holder; simply adhere your gems and start wrapping!

Materials Needed:


1. Wash the glassware and glass gems with soap and water and make sure all glass is completely dry.

2. Arrange glass gems in desired pattern.

3. Apply a small amount of E6000 to the back of each glass gem and press firmly into place.

4. Hold gem in place for a few seconds. Allow each side of the glassware to dry before continuing on to the next side to avoid sliding of the gems.

5. When glass gems are dry, begin wrapping wire around the gem at the top. Continue making a pattern with the wire by wrapping around the next gem, then the next, until all are wrapped. Cut off the extra wire.

6. Using pointed scissors, tuck both ends of the wire under the glass gems. A drop of adhesive can be used to hold the wire in place, if desired.